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Contrade Holdings, LLC is filed under the laws of the State of Texas and based in San Antonio. It was founded to become the developer and holding company of the Contrade Truck Centers and Subsidiaries. Among its founders are professionals with many years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. The company has the support of a high-profile Advisory Board.


Hermann Warnholtz - CEO

  • Over 30 years’ experience in business, specializing in international corporations, business culture, and business development and finance.
  • Led various impactful interventions in the service industry, including private aviation expansion and a revolutionary mass transportation system.
  • Organized joint ventures and acquisitions, and guided startups in Mexico.

Frank J. Sonzala - Chief Corporate Development and Marketing Officer

  • Entrepreneur with 44+ years’ expertise in manufacturing, entertainment, and trucking industry associations.
  • Notable achievements include significant sales growth at Reef Industries and leading the world’s largest trailer manufacturer.
  • Introduced and developed manufacturing, sales and patents for automatic tire inflation systems for the trucking industry. PSI is the world leader in automatic tire maintenance.

Juan J. Rizo - COO

  • 24 years’ experience in architectural projects across public and private sectors.
  • Expertise in various construction practices and proven problem-solving skills.

Contrade Land

M. Jess Noval - Managing Partner

  • Accomplished Real Estate agent with a focus on investment properties and a strong network of industry professionals.
  • Expertise in commercial real estate, digital marketing, and ROI assessments.

Advisory Board

Bernard J. Vaughan, Esq. - Legal Counsel

  • Award-winning corporate lawyer with expertise in transportation, international, and senior executive law.
  • Notable roles include Chief Legal Officer at Flexi-Van Corporation.

Brooklynn Chandler Willy - CDFA, Financial Advisor

  • Founder of Texas Financial Advisory with a conservative approach to investment and estate advisory.
  • Holds Texas Insurance license, series 65 securities examination, and Juris Doctor.

Frances Ortiz-Schultschik - Public and Government Relations

  • Vice President of international PR, Marketing, and Communications at the San Antonio Conventions and Visitors Bureau.
  • Instrumental in making San Antonio a prime destination through creative marketing strategies.

Information Technology & AI Advisory Team

  • Led by a Director and a Professor in Cyber Security with extensive experience in managing networks and security for over 50 companies.
  • Specialized in transportation systems and security, with a focus on education and public service.


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